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Motorola E1000 Review
An entertainment-focused phone, the E1000 has a a large 262,000 colour screen and 1.2 mega pixel digital camera, for taking stills shots and video clips.

Push to talk functionality enables users to talk with others at the push of a button (like a walkie-talkie). Other features include Bluetooth, MP3 player, MP3 and MIDI ringtones, speakerphone and expandable memory.

One of the smallest and lightest 3 mobile phones to date, the Motorola E1000 is more compact and lighter than many GSM phones and is an attractive alternative to the increasingly common flip style 3G mobile phones.

The Motorola E1000 3G mobile phone supports the full range of 3 services including video calling and location based services.

Snowden documents show NSA gathering 5bn cell phone records daily
Remember all you cell phone users that there is a Peeping Tom building up a picture of your personal life 24/7. Given the methods used by the NSA and GCHQ they could certainly, if necessary extrapolate what your favourite underwear is and where you purchase it from, and I am not kidding. Ask yourselves, could anything be more intrusive.

"According to the Post, the NSA is applying sophisticated mathematical techniques to map cell phone owners’ relationships, overlapping their patterns of movement with thousands or millions of other users who cross their paths. These tools — known collectively as Co-Traveler — enable the NSA to search for possible associates of intelligence targets." Excellent to realise that through NSA's efforts we can sleep more soundly at night. Keep up the good work!

This so called scandal is still going on even though no ones personal data has been sold to a 3rd party outside the intel community and no one has suffered a peversion to the courts of justice (at least based on the evidence Snowden has provided)? I do have a issue with the goverment looking at charging this newspaper with any crimmical charges, they should focus on Snowden insted...

Edward Snowden: "I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things â€Â¦ I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under." ... Me neither. I feel powerless. As a non-US citizen I feel I have no rights and no government stands up to me. Who knows what will come next. Snowden should get the Nobel Peace Prize for having the guts to expose all this. With the technological change happening now, the NSA/GCHQ is surely working on their next gen capability, such as: dragnet interception and storage of video input and voice from your XBox One (or future voice/motion controlled TV), dragnet interception and storage your conversations with Siri (or other electronic assistants), ... Fast forward 25 years: * When the internet of things records pretty much everything * When maybe we have mobile devices implanted into our body * When maybe there are first computer - brain interfaces The future looks worse than Orwell's 1984!

All this! Yet they couldn't stop Lee Rigby getting his head sawn off could they. Admit it doesn't work, or do what you're advertising it does (keeping us safe, protecting us from terrorists) and pull the plug and save the electric bill my taxes are paying for. Muppets

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